What We Seek

We seek companies with potential to dramatically and measurably improve student outcomes and institutional effectiveness. Acceptance into the accelerator is highly competitive. Before applying, please determine whether your company fits our target profile.

Areas of interest include:

  • Adaptive learning
  • Advanced assessments—cognitive and non-cognitive
  • Career services
  • College access and success
  • Credentialing
  • Data collection
  • Enrollment management, marketing, and user experiences
  • Funding mechanisms and financial aid
  • Mobile applications
  • Open resource education
  • Organizational and business intelligence
  • Student social engagement and connectivity

Companies that fit our profile will have:

  • Focus on serving the higher education community
  • Pilot-ready products or services ready to test at ASU
  • Investor readiness—generally Seed to Series A
  • Strong teams with leadership and execution capabilities


What Makes Us Unique

What sets ASU-Draper-GSV apart is the tangible proof points we create for your company. We are not a traditional accelerator focused on fundraising. We are here to provide a world-class laboratory of diverse student, faculty, and administrative demands to prepare your company for the next phase of product development and customer acquisition.



Once you have applied, our team will notify you within three weeks if it plans to advance your candidacy.

An advancement decision will include detailed next-steps, including material you will need to provide to Draper Associates and GSV for technical and financial analyses.

If the admissions committee votes to offer your company admission we begin formal introductions to ASU business services.

The accelerator generally receives equity in consideration for its services and an additional $10,000-$25,000 in investment capital.

Getting Started

Once your company is admitted to the program you will have access to our full array of services.

Rolling with two cut-off dates a year, October 1 and July 1.

Two per year, five to seven companies per cohort



Mentors are a crucial component to any entrepreneur’s success, particularly in highly regulated sectors like education. Our diverse array of mentors is available to help you navigate all challenges—from raising a new funding round, to navigating sales and decision processes at universities, or mastering fundamentals like marketing and growth strategy.

Mentor Groups:

  • Investors
  • University leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Specialty experts


Doing business within the education sector poses unique challenges. The culture, values, decision processes, and terminologies can be complex even to those familiar with the system. Crucial to the success of an education entrepreneur is learning how to navigate education partnerships. Our education and training services will help your team better understand the higher education realm and learn the practical skills necessary to succeed in doing business there.

ASU/Draper EdTech Training Program:

  • Executive education program
  • Regular virtual workshops and lectures from industry leaders



Research and evidence are core components of higher education culture. A company that can clearly articulate its impact through third-party tests and research at a nationally recognized institution will have enormous strategic advantage. We work with ASU to integrate, test, and research your service in a real-world environment. Graduate companies receive a white paper that includes an analysis of findings directly relevant to decision makers at colleges and universities.

  • Four-to-six month pilot at ASU
  • Tailored research including cost vs. impact and user analyses
  • Performance reports through the program | White paper summary of findings



Relationships and introductions are the keys to success in fundraising and selling. We provide companies the opportunity to showcase their products to individuals and organizations that can help the company grow investment and revenue. Graduate companies are introduced to decision makers at other institutions and featured at both investor and customer demonstration days.

  • Leveraging ASU to gain new customers
  • Presenting company at ASU+GSV Summit
  • Customer Demo Day at ASU+GSV Higher Ed Showcase

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