The Time Is Now

The ASU–Draper–GSV Accelerator marries the resources and venture expertise of Draper Associates and GSV with the real-world testing platform of Arizona State University, the nation’s largest and most innovative public university.

More than a decade ago, ASU President Michael Crow articulated a vision for the future of higher education—a New American University. The university of the future would embrace change, achieve quality at massive scale, and build practical solutions to education's and society’s most persistent problems. Today innovations in educational technology have helped make this vision a reality.

In the technology sector, innovative software solutions and powerful, accessible hardware are ubiquitous. Investors are excited about the future of education, funding more than $1 billion in venture investments in education technology in 2016. 

Despite this, education ventures face unique challenges doing business and cultivating partnerships in this highly regulated sector. The sales process is long, decision structures are complex and often difficult to navigate, and the availability of piloting and product validation is limited.

Historically venture services firms like accelerators have helped companies overcome barriers to success, but education technology companies need more than a traditional accelerator.

At ADG your company will get everything traditionally associated with an accelerator—capital, mentoring, investor demos, and more. You will also be able to pilot, certify, and co-develop your product or service at ASU. Finally, your company will have the opportunity to pitch not only to investors, but also to higher education leaders and potential customers.

When you graduate from the ASU–Draper–GSV Accelerator, your company will be ready to partner with and secure the marquee customers and investments you need to scale and increase your market share.


Access capital, mentoring, and investor demos


Pilot, certify, and co-develop your product


Pitch to investors, higher ed leaders, and potential customers

Who We Are

The ASU–Draper–Global Silicon Valley (GSV) Accelerator is a joint venture of Arizona State University, Draper Associates, and GSV.

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What We Do

We guide companies with potential to dramatically and measurably improve student outcomes and institutional effectiveness from the development stage to reaching investors and customers.

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